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Losing control of your bladder solved with a small procedure

A simple surgery could fix an embarrassing and very common problem, and most people do not want to talk about.  The fancy name is urinary incontinence, but it means losing control of your bladder-often when you cough or sneeze.

The National Association for Continence estimates that one in four women over the age of 50 suffers from this, and it happens to men too. It tends to run in about One in ten men after age 50. It's not a life and death issue, but it is a quality of life issue.

The association wants people to know that a very common procedure can fix the problem.  They offer a sling to lift and support the bladder, which may have dropped from childbirth or aging.

Dr. David Clark says, "It stretches a little bit, and has this webbing in it. So tissues grow in and around help stabilize its position as well."  

It's just a 20 minute procedure to put the sling into place and close the incision but it may take a lot longer to work up the nerve to ask your doctor about this.

For more information on the National Association of Continence click here.

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