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Food For Thought - March 29, 2012


Soiled soda machines and under cooked shrimp were just a few of the violations that Lubbock health inspectors found inside one local restaurant this week. However, they also found several top performers who were serving up perfection.

Inspectors visited 64 food establishments this week. More than 20 had perfect scores and zero violations. However, this week's low performer, the Cotton Patch Cafe at 6810 Slide Road had 6 critical violations, each ranging from hygiene practices to cross contamination.

* cooked chicken and sliced ham inside a reach-in cooler weren't 41 degrees or below.

* inspectors observed an employee serving shrimp from the grill, without checking the cooking temperature.

* they also found a drink without a lid, sitting next to serving plates.

* water from a condensation pipe was dripping inside a carton of ice cream.

* the dish washer was not dispensing sanitizer, and the lid on the sanitizer wasn't secure.

* finally, the wells on the soda machines and a can opener were dirty.

KCBD NewsChannel 11 contacted the manager on duty, and he said the violations were minor and that his restaurant was now in complete compliance. The inspector's report shows most violations were corrected during the inspection and one was corrected within 2 days.

Top performers this week shined with perfect scores. Sonic Drive Thru at 7220 Quaker Avenue had zero violations, along with Chimy's at 2417 Broadway. Mediterranean Cafe at 3624 also served up perfection, along with Leonard's Meat and Deli Markets at 2407 9th Street and Target's Concession and Grocery at 7302 University. Two Stripes stores came out on top. The Stripes at 3401 98th Street and 8112 Interstate 27 both had perfect scores.

For a complete list of all the top and low performers, click here.

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