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Take the Safety Solutions Driving Quiz

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1. True or False. Worn tire treads can contribute to hydroplaning.

The answer is true. DPS Trooper Robyn Wilson says, "The thinner the tread on your tires, the worse job they do channeling rainwater away from your vehicle. Driving too fast in the rain can also cause you to hydroplane."

2. True or False. The merging lane on the freeway is there to give you a chance to speed up and merge easily.

The answer is true. DPS Trooper Sparky Dean says, "It's extremely dangerous if you pull in front of someone who's going 65 miles an hour when you're only going 40. Use the merging lane to build up speed so you can merge into traffic smoothly. If you're already on the freeway and notice another driver trying to merge, move over to the next lane and let them do so."

3. Thousands of Texans are killed or injured in alcohol related crashes each year. But which group of drivers is more likely to be involved in a drunk driving crash and be arrested?

A. Ages 16-34
B. Ages 34-65
C.65 and older

The answer is A, ages 16-34. Trooper Wilson says, "Texas has a zero tolerance law. That means if you're under 21, zero alcohol, no attempts to buy it, none in your possession and none in your system, if you're driving."

4. True or False. A child who outgrows a forward facing safety seat is ready to use a seat belt by itself.

The answer is false. Trooper Dean says, "Safety belts are designed for the average sized adult. When kids reach 40 pounds, they need to use a booster seat with a lap shoulder belt. It raises them up so that the vehicle's safety belt fits properly. The safety belt should fit snugly across the pelvic and chest area, not across the stomach and neck." Remember, booster seats are recommended for children four to eight years old, weighing 40 to 80pounds, unless they're taller than four feet, nine inches.


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