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Keeping a green lawn and complying with Stage 2 Restrictions

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Lubbock-ites, don't worry, following the new water restrictions doesn't mean your lawn has to suffer. "There are lots of low water use plants that you can put in to make your yard beautiful while still complying with water restrictions" Vronka Stoker of Tom's Tree Place says your green thumb doesn't have to take a hit to cope with the new restrictions.

"This right here is called a break-light yucca, these are extremely drought tolerant, once this gets put in the ground it's good to go" Stoker says. "This is a pinyon pine, these are probably the trees that take the least amount of water, and more people kill these from over-watering than anything. Knock-out roses will give you gorgeous summer color. They are heat tolerant, drought tolerant; these are hearty as far as disease goes" Stoker says.

"Due to the succulent leaves, dew plants are very drought tolerant, these do great in pots" Stoker says, adding that grasses are great also if you are conserving water:"Mexican Feather Grass is one of my favorites; they are just gorgeous the way they wave." From foliage to fountains, the ripple effect of the new water restrictions doesn't have to reach too far.

Stage two water restrictions say you can't keep refilling ponds and fountains unless it's supporting aquatic life, so to keep your fountains running after stage two restrictions hit, all you have to do is add some fish. "You can still have your fountain; just put a fish in it... We named them after all the girls up here" Stoker says. Plants aren't picky, "I would probably recommend if people have access to rain barrels to catch runoff from their homes to conserve water that way" Stoker says. "Another good alternative if you don't want to put a lawn in or if you have a lawn you're not happy with is we do patterned concrete and there's lots of options with that" Stoker says. So don't give up on your yard, just get the right ingredients.

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