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Craig James on politics, family and Mike Leach

Craig James Craig James

U.S. Senate Candidate Craig James visited the KCBD studios over the weekend to share his goals if elected and to clear up any misconceptions.

James is well known for his recent role as an ESPN analyst.  He says he is looking forward to utilizing his platform to help better the country. 

James says he is very passionate about education.

"We have to stop the massive drop-out rates in high school," says James. "We have to prepare young men and women to be personally responsible when they reach the age of 18."

He wants to implement more specialty skill classes to prepare everyone for a solid future, especially those who do not seek a higher education.  James also wants to abolish the Department of Education to decrease the federal government's role in student's education. 

He suggests it would be a better advantage if the power were in the hands of individual states. What sets James apart, he says, is that he is not a typical politician. 

"I have been a business person for 30 years. I started many different industries so I understand free markets and the spirit of American people and what they want to do.  They want to go to work," said James.

James has endorsed former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum for President.  Similar to Santorum, James says he will not compromise his core values if elected. 

Speaking of values, a recent video of James was released where he touched on the incident that involved former Texas Tech football coach Mike Leach.  James has received some criticism from west Texans after Leach was fired. 

James explained that what Leach did was not acceptable and that he defended his son as any father would.  

"I have 4 children and the Lord blessed me with those and until the day I die, I will defend them against a bully and evil," said James. "If people can't get that, then I don't want their vote."

We reached out to Leach for a comment.  He said he did not have one, other than pointing to a Dallas Morning News web poll that showed he was more likely to win the Senate race than James. The March 29, 2012 poll showed that Leach would win the race by 95.33%.

Sen. Bailey Hutchison will retire this January. James is competing against several other Republican candidates for the open seat, including Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, Former Dallas mayor Tom Leppert and Tea Party favorite, Ted Cruise.

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