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Is the City of Lubbock breaking their own water rules?


Monday was the second day of Stage 2 water restrictions in Lubbock.

Since the city is in a crisis, we decided to take a closer look at our water usage as a whole.

Our open records request revealed that the number one water consumer in Lubbock is actually...the city parks department.

Lubbock's Chief Operating Officer, Marsha Reed said "The parks department will be complying the same as citizens are asked to comply right now."

Reed says that the irrigation may be split up, since the park is utilized for so many hours at a time.

"The only different thing with our Parks Department," Reed said, "is that we have people that would like to use the parks up until midnight and would like to get up very early to walk around the parks."

With 403,616 gallons of water consumed, costing $2,753,023.06, what exactly will the city do to conserve?

"They're running each zone one time a week, so people may see that the park looks like it's irrigating but it should not be. It should be a different zone. It may run twice a week, but some of our parks are just too large for those big irrigation systems to run in between midnight and 5 a.m. They just can't get it all irrigated in one night so we're working with our parks department on that," Reed said.

Citizens are permitted to use an inch and a half of water on their lawn only once a week.

The Lake Allen Henry Project was originally expected to be completed around May, but is now expected to be done around August or September. The City Manager may lift the water restrictions, if conservation levels fall to a safe level.

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