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Consider this...Bureaucrats think they can spend our money better

Last Thursday the Lubbock City Council approved language to take away the mandatory customer refunds from LP&L because once again the bureaucrats know how to spend our money better than us. 

You might recall back in 2002 the city-owned utility was broke. A 40 million dollar reserve had vanished and LP&L was almost 20 million dollars in the red. The city's credit rating was downgraded and the city had to lay off numerous employees. About a year later the voters of Lubbock overwhelmingly approved an amendment to the City Charter to reform LP&L. 

The City Council just showed contempt for the voters by weakening the changes that were put in place to protect LP&L almost 10 years ago, and they did it with a 7-0 vote. 

Now they will tell you that they are going to lower rates, but come on! They are now a monopoly, and with no competition that promise won't last long. 

Consider This: 

The whole point of the mandatory refund is so that LP&L has no incentive to overcharge us. All the excess money had to go back to customers. Not so if this new proposal passes a second reading by the City Council. 

Now, the City Council and the LP&L board have every incentive to overcharge us. How much do you want bet that your electric bills go up without explanation in the years to come? 

The second vote on this will effectively change the direction and philosophy of our "separate" board back to serving the bureaucrats and politicians instead of the citizens and customers.

So, I would ask everyone to contact your councilperson and the mayor and let them know that if they vote against us a second time we will be voting against them on May 14th - Election Day. 

And for those that are not up for re-election this go around, we will remember and vote against them in two years. So I hope the council will…Consider THAT!   

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