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"Take a Seat, and Check Your Feet!"

"Take a Seat, and Check Your Feet!"  That's the slogan for an awareness campaign launched by the Amputee Coalition. You see, every day in this country 250 adults lose a foot due to complications from diabetes.  Yet, nearly 70 percent of these amputations could have been prevented.

Speaking for the coalition in Lubbock, Elsie Colon says she wishes both her grandmothers had checked their feet for cuts or infections.  "My grandmother lost her leg due to a tack being stuck on her house shoe.  And she didn't feel it for a couple of weeks, and she was diabetic and before we knew it, that's where her amputation started. My other grandmother was also diabetic, and she also lost her leg due to a bump on her big toe."  

If you have diabetes or any condition that limits blood flow to the feet, the message here is take a seat and check your feet for bumps, blisters, bruises, ingrown toenails or cracks in the skin and between the toes. Even the tiniest crack could get infected and lead to devastating sores and ultimately amputation if it goes ignored.

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