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Hockley County Investigators Find Nothing in Body Search

The digging began Tuesday morning in Southwest Hockley County. Four cadaver dogs all sniffed out one specific spot. Investigators were hopeful. Investigators spent the day digging a shallow grave that was one foot deep, and 8x8 feet wide. Then around noon, they decided to bring in a street scraper to clear all the top soil. A few hours later after lunch, nothing.

A Texas Tech Anthropologist determined there were no human remains buried there. Investigators stopped digging for the day. "The soil was not indicating to us of any human remains. At this point, we'll have to talk with the individuals who came forth with this information to see if we can get an exact location," said Gordon Bohannon, Chief Investigator of Hockley County.

Sources told NewsChannel 11 Monday, a 26 or 27-year-old man confessed that when he was 16-years-old, he killed a Levelland homeless man, by the name of "Roy" and buried his body in Southwest Hockley County. Investigators say until they find a body, they don't have a homicide.

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