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Sophomore brings Humans vs. Zombies game to Texas Tech

Lane Lewis (Photo by Brendan Lauritzen) Lane Lewis (Photo by Brendan Lauritzen)
Photo provided by Topher Covarrubio Photo provided by Topher Covarrubio

Lauren Goudeket read a blog about the game Humans vs. Zombies and decided to bring it to Texas Tech. The game is played like a massive nerf gun game of tag.

The game began early Monday morning before classes.

Humans walk around campus with green bandanas on their arm and have nerf guns. The zombies run around campus trying to tag humans with only a green bandana on their head to identify themselves as zombies.

The game is a weeklong event that ends with a massive fight to survive to the end on Saturday. Each participant is given a wristband to identify them as playing the game.

Students are not allowed to play inside academic buildings and cannot have an interaction while on a bike or in a motor vehicle. Rules are set by the student moderators and the participants go by an honor code in order to make the game fair and fun.

Sophomore Lane Lewis is playing the game as a human and says the game is really fun. Lewis said the object of the game is to get to class like normal - to just survive and not be caught by the zombies.

"We go to class and go through our normal day and try to avoid becoming a zombie," Lewis said.

Every night the humans get together for missions to stop the zombies. Sometimes throughout the day they have mini missions such as escorting another human to class.

"The ultimate reason for playing the game is to have fun and survive. The winners get to say we win, we're awesome," Lewis said.

The game is growing in numbers every semester.

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