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Water Woes Continue at Lubbock Cooper ISD

School board members at Cooper are concerned about a water shortage. They say water levels decrease each year, and with a growing student population they say it's just going to get worse so now is the time to take action.

"The water table is not just lowering here in Lubbock Cooper it's lowering everywhere and we are looking down the road at the long haul," says Lubbock-Cooper School Board President Shawn Sampley. He says now is the time to make plans for a future water source. The water table at Cooper decreases yearly as the school district continues to grow.

"We have 1,900 kids out here. This school and the water supply was not built for that type of usage so it's something long-term. It's not a critical stage but you don't want to wait until it's a critical stage you want to be proactive about it," says Superintendent, Pat Henderson.

Currently, Lubbock Cooper pumps water from five wells on the school's campus. Three of them provide drinking water. Each year, Henderson says the amount they are able to pump decreases. Now, they're considering two options. "We're doing one of 2 things. One is hooking onto the water from Lubbock and the other is to hook onto the Canadian River Authority pipeline that runs 3.8 miles east of Highway 87 over here. We think that's going to be more cost effective," says Henderson.

Constructing a new pipeline could take months to build, so the district isn't wasting any time. The school board is putting it on their agenda and preparing to take action now. "We don't need to wait until it's at the critical stage. We need to do it now. We know it's a problem. We know it's gonna get worse and the board is committed to doing something about it for the future of our kids," says Henderson.

The pipeline Superintendent Henderson says they want to hook into runs near Slaton and he says it could cost about a half a million dollars to connect to it. He expects construction on a new pipeline to begin within the next six months.

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