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No Tornado sirens for Lubbock

 After Tuesday's tornado outbreak in the DFW area, the question is being raised as to how the Hub City would be alerted if tornados were to hit the area. Many people heard the sirens go off in Dallas, which has 94 sirens installed in the area.

However, Mayor Tom Martin says tornado sirens in Lubbock are not needed. It's not that he doesn't believe the possibility of another devastating tornado hitting Lubbock is real, because he does. Martin just thinks sirens are a thing of the past. If the sirens were to be installed throughout the city, it would be a multi-million dollar project.

"Bottom line is we've come a long way in the past 40 plus years with the technology that's available. Your station and others have invested millions in the technology to help warn people," Martin said.

Martin credited KCBD NewsChannel 11 and other media outlets for having the technology to get the word out there when severe weather approaches. With television, text and email alerts, as well as weather radios, Martin doesn't believe tornado sirens are needed. He also added that with the extreme wind speeds that could be taking place, it may be impossible to even hear some of the sirens.  Martin said that's exactly what happened on the night of the devastating 1970 tornado. He said they didn't work then and they won't work now.

"I was there the night it hit and obviously it was a very scary thing. The sound that everybody describes as a freight train going over is true," Martin said.

Texas Tech University is the only area in the city that currently has tornado sirens installed. The City of Lubbock had sirens during the devastating 1970 tornado.

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