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The Liquid Lense: Does It Work?

The Liquid Lense claims it can remove surface scratches from your lenses. I hope after this test, we'll clear up what you've been seeing about the Liquid Lens.

Most eyeglass shops will recommend you replace your scratched up lenses and that can cost you a pretty penny. A $15 product claims it can renew your marked up pair of specs using their product called the Liquid Lense, but Does It Work?

Dr. Lee Shuwarger is an Optometrist at Eyeglass World. He'd like to see if it works. Dr. Shuwarger put these pair through the five step process. He prepped the area, rinsed the lens, dried with a soft towel, and applied the Liquid Lense treatment with even strokes. "So, what do you think so far?" we asked. "Already, it's drying unevenly. What ever particles are on the brush flake off and that's not good," said Dr. Shuwarger.

The Liquid Lense can remove scratches from your beat up cell phone face. The good Doc put it through the process, and to speed things up, we dried both items with a blow dryer.

The scratches were not removed just covered up. "It looks like something was painted on there," we noticed. "This took care of part of the scratches on the cell phone OK," said Dr. Shuwarger.

However, I've got the sneaking suspicion this product is like putting clear polish on fingernails. I mean take a look, see the ripples? It's almost like you're looking through water. Could you put up with that? Folks, don't be blinded by The Liquid Lense, because as you can 'see,' it Doesn't Work!

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