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Morrison Drops Out of City Council Race - Why?

"Yesterday I filed the necessary paperwork to take my name off the ballot," announced Councilman Frank Morrison.

His decision to drop out was sudden but not totally unexpected. Over the past few months Morrison was the target of two recall attempts and the media spotlight after news that he was arrested for a DWI. But even with that political damage, Morrison showed no signs of quitting. "I'm going to keep on going," he said.

Then, Wednesday's announcement.

"I have stepped down from the race for city council," he said. Why? "This is a purely personal business related decision," he said. Not for recalls, or drunk driving, but for cattle feed. "High Plains Feed Mill," he plugged. A new feed processing plant requiring, he says, 100% of his time. But with no employees and idle machinery - questions of motive still persist. "And to the critics looking and saying, 'Well, its kind of suspicious the time he's dropping out. He's saying its business, but he's had two recall attempts and the DWI and that's why he's really leaving," asked NewsChannel 11. "I don't count that at all, that did not factor into my consideration at all. I believe the service I provided has been good and effective service. I don't believe that any of those negative aspects has hurt my support base," he said.

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