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Toni Vaughn Pays It Forward: 4/9


This week's Pay It Forward segment will touch your heart. We set up near Wolfforth along 82nd Street in extreme Southwest Lubbock.

In a matter of minutes, we met Toni Vaughn. When Toni spotted our Pay It Forward sign, she was already in tears. Toni had a family in mind from the start.

Toni shared the story of Zack and Denise Galbraith and the medical issues they have endured with their 8-month old daughter Anna.

Zack and Denise are the proud parents of four children. Anna was born with a major heart defect known as "Large Ventricular Septal Defect," a condition where there is a hole between the lower two chambers of her heart. It created a serious condition for little Anna.

After Toni shared the Galbraith family story with us, we embarked on a journey across Lubbock to the Galbraith household. We arrived to find Denise holding little Anna in her arms. Anna was all smiles when we arrived. Denise said she was totally in shock when Toni and our camera crew arrived on her doorstep.

Toni told Denise why she wanted to help her family out and delivered $300 to Denise and Anna. Denise was grateful for the financial support because Anna has had many medical bills, including open heart surgery on January 5th.

Anna had just been allowed to go to church for the first time, just in time for Easter. Denise told us she was thankful for everyone's involvement.

Denise said her church designed a special website called Prayers for Anna. You can become part of Paying It Forward by logging on to their website at

Be on the lookout for our Pay It Forward sign soon. You may become our next playmaker!

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