Lubbock High football leveling the playing field

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Lubbock High hasn't had a football team go to the playoffs in 36 years, but that doesn't mean second-year head coach Jason Strunk isn't trying to turn things around.

His mission?

"We need to be biggers, faster, stronger," said Strunk. "Two days after the [last game of the season] we started our offseason program and we've been at it ever since."

Strunk's cure for a three decade playoff drought is simple: nutrition.

"I think where Lubbock High really missed out on before was 'what do you do after the workout?'"

"If you don't properly nutrition after a workout, your workout is pretty much wasted."

The Westerners believe in this method so much, they've delegated an assistant coach the duties of overseeing all nutrition before and after workouts; and Strunk says he's already seeing the benefits of having a nutrionist around.

"There's more energy when they're lifting, there's more energy when we do our track workout," said the excited coach. "We've had a couple players who have gained weight but they've gone down in shirt size and weight!"

"What we're preaching and educating them on...we know they're following through on their end and they want to be better."