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Click And Ship with the United States Postal Service

If getting to the post office is hard to fit into your busy schedule, take heart. All you need is access to a computer, and you can now wave goodbye to long lines at the post office.

Of all the excuses you've used in the past to avoid going to the post office-- you've just lost a lot of them. You no longer need a big chunk of time to get that package in the mail. You don't need to find a parking space, you don't even need to get out of your pajamas.

Tracking down the address and writing it on the box: two minutes. Getting to the post office during your busy week: impossible!

Postal authorities have felt your pain and now introduce you to "Click N Ship." It is a web-based program that lets you load your shipping info, print a label, pay for postage with a credit card. It will even arrange for a carrier to pick up your box from your doorstep. The simplicity, in fact, may be the hardest adjustment.

The postal service acknowledges it's playing catch-up when it comes to technology. This program is aimed at bringing the post office up to date, and bringing service for consumers who'd rather do something on-line - than stand in line.

All you need is a PC and a printer, but if you've got a macintosh, go find a friend who doesn't. The usps program is not yet mac-friendly.

For more information you can check the post office's website: (click here)

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