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Consider this...Council officially ignores majority

It's official. Tuesday, Lubbock City Council officially turned its back on the citizens and customers of LP&L.

In a unanimous second reading, council voted to take away mandatory rebates to customers that were put in place to protect them.

I'll remind you that those rebates came from a very different LP&L board, led by Lubbock businessman W.R. Collier.

It was Collier who outlined the real purpose of locking in automatic rebates from LP&L profits. He said the purpose of the rebates was to protect citizens against city council being tempted to overcharge. He explained that customers would either get the rebates up front with low rates or get the money back at the end of the year, and it worked. Rates stayed low and LP&L slowly recovered from certain bankruptcy.

Now, years later, a new board appointed by a new city council has started to unravel the very safeguards put in place to keep the citizen-owned electric company in the black.

Consider this:

Tuesday's vote was just the latest sign of how our city leaders have begun to steer LP&L off the course set by the original board and back down the same road that almost ended its existence.

Recently, city council got rid of original board members who were staunch advocates for customers to do things like....use LP&L to pay for street lights and downtown redevelopment. In addition to Councilman Hernandez's failed attempt at doing away with public hearings on big LP&L decisions, a move that would have effectively silenced any opposition to city council whims and wishes.

All of this spells trouble and again, I hope you'll remember that every councilperson voted against you come election day.

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