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Marching to Take Back the Night

Signs of defiance, T-shirts of empowerment. Both ushering in the third annual "Take Back the Night" march.

"We do it every year to bring attention to sexual assault violence," said co-organizer Stephanie Shepperd. Roughly 50 people, women and men, chanting and marching for awareness. "There are students from every walk of life out here to participate in this because it is an issue that affects absolutely everyone on our campus and in our community," she said.

One of those marching, Texas Tech student Melissa Williams, a member of a sorority. "Is it something that's talked about a lot in sororities?," asked NewsChannel 11. "Not too much, because it's negative, but if a girl gets hurt on campus we'll talk about it," she said.

"We work with sexual assault victims," said Amanda Vieregge from the Lubbock Rape Crisis Center. Last year the center responded to 325 sexual assaults in the city of Lubbock. That's one nearly every day. Unfortunately, today was no exception. "Just recently we received a call of an assault," she said. "Just recently?," asked NewsChannel 11. "About an hour ago," she said.

At the end of the march; testimonials, reflection, and tears. "What brings tears to your eyes?," asked NewsChannel 11. "It's tough to think about it, relive it," said marcher Sarah Barnes.

It is a march of triumph and tragedy. For all the strength and solidarity and shouting against evil, just beneath the surface are the tender vulnerabilities brought forward with amazing grace.

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