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Food for Thought: Serving up slices of perfection at Giorgio's Pizza


This week, Lubbock Health Inspectors had a light week, only checking out 9 food establishments. Because of that, they found not low or top performers for this week's Food For Thought. So KCBD NewsChannel 11 decided to go behind the kitchen doors of one local restaurant, who has been a repeat top performer, to find out what their ingredients are for a squeaky clean kitchen.

For nearly two decades, Giorgio's Pizza at 1018 Broadway has been serving up slices of perfection, as an 8-time Food For Thought Top Performer. The pizza restaurant has been in business for nearly twenty years. In fact, they will be celebrating their anniversary in two weeks. Owner George Shadid says there's one thing that keeps his restaurant in the clear.

"Hard work, that's number 1!" Shadid said. 

Shadid, who sometimes goes by Giorgio, says he's thrilled to be an 8 time top performer. He displays his plaques on the wall of his restaurant. 

"Oh yeah, I'm very proud of that, we are very proud of this. Makes you feel good, you know," Shadid said.

Shadid says keeping his kitchen clean isn't as hard as one might think. He says it just takes discipline.

"We have a schedule, a cleaning schedule, every day. We do certain things, so it takes a lot of effort," Shadid said.

It's an effort of love for Shadid, who says he strives to be a top performer and keeps his kitchen clean, because of the people who come through his doors.

"We have the best customers in the whole world, the best. They are our friends and like family. We know most of them by name. We see them on a weekly basis, sometimes everyday!" Shadid said, "We have to eat here, too. So, it's got to be clean. You're not going to eat dirty food!" 

For a complete list of the health inspector's reports, click here.

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