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Heading to the Lake to Fish? There are Some State Laws You Need to Know

Grab your rod, your reel and fresh bait. Area playa lakes are busy with fisherman of all ages to enjoy the weather and hoping the fish will bite. "Now that the weather's getting nicer we've got a lot of people getting out and fishing," says Texas Game Warden, Quentin Terrel.

When it comes to fishing, Warden Terrel says West Texas has lots of options. "We've got a lot of playa lakes inside the city limits also Buffalo Springs Lake some of our fisherman are doing pretty good. We're checking quite a few fish," says Terrel.

Tech student and avid fisherman Chad Pabody, fishing for the first time in Lubbock lakes. While reminiscing of his old fishing pond in Houston. "I heard by word of mouth there's a few fish in here so I came to try it out," says Pabody.

Armed with his lizard lure and memories of home, Chad makes sure he also brought his license. "I saw the sign that says state regulations required here but game wardens probably would come and check you," says Pabody.

Whether you fish for sport of just for fun Texas law requires anyone 17 years of age or older have their own license when fishing on any public playa lake. If you're caught fishing without your license, you could receive a ticket. Along with your license you'll receive a booklet telling you which fish you can keep and which you need to throw back.

"If you don't have it you'll be issued a citation which is a fine between $25 and $500. You've got to have that to fish on any public water in the state of Texas," says Terrel.

So make sure you have your license on you, because you never know when state game wardens will stop to make sure you're obeying the law.

You are required by state law to purchase a fishing license every year. But there's one day out of the year Texas Parks and Wildlife does not require you to have a fishing license. This year that day is June 5th. You can fish all day without being cited for not having your license.

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