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HealthWise at 5 From 4.5

  • Temperature Brush

Hospital technology is now available at home and a new temperature-taking device only requires a simple brush across your head and behind your ear. The Exergen Temporal Scanner reads the temperature from the temporal artery that runs from the heart to the forehead. In studies, temperature readings from the temporal artery were more accurate than ear thermometers. The temporal scanner was also as accurate at rectal thermometry and a lot more comfortable than a thermometer, you know where. For more information on the temporal thermometer, go to ( click here).

  • Transplant Dangers

Children who receive cord blood transplants to fight deadly disease may be more susceptible to common infections. Duke University researchers found that T-cells from infant cord blood are immature and can't fight common childhood illnesses or disease since the cells have never been exposed to vaccines or sickness. While the children are fighting off deadly diseases, thanks to cord blood transplants, they're falling victim to little infections that become deadly. The researchers are bumping up the virus-fighting capacity of T-cells by exposing them to small bits of viral material before the patient receives the cord blood transplant.

  • Nicotine Patch Discovery

Smokers trying to quit with the assistance of a nicotine patch are helped as much by a low-dose patch as a higher-dose one. Virginia Commonwealth University researchers enlisted smokers who wanted to quit. They found that low dosage nicotine patches suppressed cravings as much as ones at the high end of the scale. In addition, smokers who used higher-dosed patches experienced faster heart rates.

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