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Torture Trial - Day One

It sounds medieval, but Phillip Clark is on trial for torture. A year ago he allegedly kidnapped Frank Beck, his own employee, accusing him of breaking in to his shop. When Beck denied it, Clark and two accomplices alleged strapped Beck to a chair and subjected him to a day of unimaginable pain.

"They whipped him with a car antenna, hit him with a steel pipe, held a shotgun to his head, threatened to kill him, burned him with a cutting torch all over different parts of his body," said LPD Detective Gary Hodges.

Facing his alleged torturer for the first time since the attack, Beck also testified to being mauled in the face by Clark's pit bull, beaten with a sledge hammer, threatened with a syringe filled with battery acid.

His testimony lasted over two hours, interrupted by moments of tearful silence, recollections so disturbing, he had to stop to catch his breath. After six hours of torture, says Beck, Phillip Clark let him go, but not before, he says, threatening to kill his wife and family if he told anyone.

On day one of the trail the jury saw what happened. Over 20 photos introduced into evidence of a man bitten, beaten and burned. "What's it like looking at those photos," NewsChannel 11 asked Beck. "It's shocking, to say the least," he said.

Beck said that he hopes Clark, "Repents to be saved by the Lord and be forgiven." When asked if he's forgiven Clark? "Not yet," he said, "Not yet."

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