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Man's dream house collapses in the wind


High winds and hail ravaged the South Plains Saturday night. Cars, trees and homes took a beating all over the area.

A Lubbock man spent three years building his home from the ground up. Now it's just a pile of rubble by the road in Northwest Lubbock after the severe weather.

Vangie Ramos lives down the road; she says she saw Stan Lad working on the house almost every day for years.

"It looked so beautiful when it was standing. To see the roof on the ground now is just heartbreaking," Ramos said.

 Lad was a teacher and a father. The two story house was located on FM 1264.

"We were so happy when we would go by and see all the progress…It looked like he was building his dream home," Ramos said.

Luke and Randall Joy lives next to the lot, they said they saw Lad working on the house Saturday afternoon, just when the wind was starting to pick up. The frame work was almost done. Later that night, they noticed it was leaning to one side. Around 8 on Saturday morning, they heard a loud boom and came out to see the house in a heap of lumber.

"It sounded like big thunder… It looked like this big wooden house had just crashed down, like it came from the air and it crashed down," Joy said.

As if this story couldn't get any worse, this isn't the first time this has happened to Lad. In the three years he has been working on the house, wind has knocked down the structure three times.

"It's going to really sad when he gets here and sees it, "Ramos says.

We have reached out to the homeowner, but have yet to hear back from him.

However the home wasn't the only thing damaged in the storm, with hail comes car damage. Steven Tisdale is the owner of Collision King in Lubbock he says people have been calling non-stop with damage reports. Tisdale says the best thing to do to protect your car in these situations is to get off the road.

"With the roads getting bad and the excitement, it's better to just pull over in a safe place and just wait it out," Tisdale.

He encourages people that have damaged cars to talk to their insurance providers as soon as possible, so they can take the next step toward repairs.

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