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Class Trip to the KCBD Studios

When "A Day at NewsChannel 11" landed on the auction block during last month's heart ball, Peter Wierzba was the highest bidder, nabbing the prize for his son Nicholas and the rest of his second grade class. On Tuesday, we hosted the kids as they explored the world of television and what goes on behind the scenes.

Tuesday, March 30th, Nicholas Wierzba's 8th birthday, and we were happy to bring part of the party to KCBD. Nicholas admits his parents kind of surprised him. "No they didn't tell me, they just sneaked it," said Nicholas.

"I was kind of surprised because Nicholas won it and I was like we get to go there?" said classmate Brielle Morgan.

After taking a look around, and getting a few pointers from First Alert Forecaster Steve divine, everyone tried their hand at the weather. "I thought it was just a big screen, and what it looked like on TV, not a big green screen," said classmate Sarah Demers.

"If you're somewhere then you have to point to the other side," said Jo Ann Nam.

Then it was time to read the Teleprompter. "I liked it whenever we got to read the words and it looks like we were just saying them by memorize," said MacKenzie Pierce.

After a quick lunch and some NewsChannel 11 cookies from Top Performer Aunt Norie's Confections, we recapped the day and for some it turned out better than they imagined. Some said they might even want to make a career of it, but not everyone was sold on a career in TV.

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