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Neon Nits Highlights Lice Eggs

Locating and treating head lice can be agonizing. Dr. Doug Klepper,a Lubbock pediatrician says head lice basically means you're infested with little small bugs that live in your hair, but locating those live lice or louse and their eggs in your hair can be more difficult than the actual treatment process.

Gladys Addison, a nurse at Lubbock-Cooper Elementary School, routinely checks for lice and the eggs known as nits. She describes head lice as  "very very very small" Addison says, " They're a grayish white insect about a 16th to an 18th of an inch in length and the nits are very small also." That's why getting rid of the lice can be a reoccurring problem. You can't kill what you can't see.

There's a new product called Neon Nits, helps highlight hard to find lice eggs, or nits. As a disclaimer, this is not a lice treatment, nor does it kill live lice. It merely helps locate the lice eggs to prevent an infestation or re infestation. You first hold, the bottle eight to twelve inches away from dry hair. Direct the sprays toward the scalp, because the nits live within two inches of the scalp line. Once, dry, you brush out the color. Excess color will brush out, but if nits are present, the pink color will highlight the nits, so you can remove them. You can wash out the pink residue with shampoo.

If your child does have nits, they can go to school. That's because the mere presence of nits does not indicate an infestation of lice. Both LISD and Lubbock Cooper ISD have a no-live-lice policy, which means students can go to school with nits, the lice eggs in their hair, but not live lice. Addison says students can return immediately after the first lice treatment. Dr. Klepper adds, "A common misconception is that a child must be excluded from school .we know that's probably a deserve to children. It's more of a witch hunt than anything when it comes to head lice."

I want to remind you, that this product is not a lice treatment, but simply a nit locater spray. You still need to kill the live lice. Dr. Klepper recommends using Rid or Nits to treat lice. He also wants to remind people that head lice is spread from direct, so its easier to contract it from one family member to the other, than from the person sitting in a desk next to you. Make sure you click on the corresponding links to be directed to the Neon Nits website and other helpful lice websites.

For NewsChannel 11's Consumer Connection, I'm Sharon Maines.

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