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Consider This...Guest Commentary by Councilman Paul Beane

A certain City Council member wrote me a letter disagreeing with my commentary last week about his recent vote on LP&L rebates. So consider this ... I'm turning my time over to him this week.

Paul Beane:

I would like to thank Dan Jackson and NewsChannel 11 for allowing me this time to discuss the LP&L rebate issue. There has been a great deal of misunderstanding about rebates. The City Council did not vote to do away with your LP&L rebates. It never happened. The news media got it wrong because they failed to read the ordinance. It begins with "subject to the approval of the board."

When you consider the first seven words in the ordinance, changing the word from "shall" to "may" makes not one bit of difference. Why? Because the first seven words, "subject to the approval of the board," take legal precedent.

The LP&L board has always had providence over the rebate issue. In November of 2004, over 80% of the citizens voted to put LP&L in the hands of a group of citizens and out of the hands of the politicians and bureaucrats, the same people who had looted LP&L, driving it, and the city, to the brink of bankruptcy.

The LP&L board has nine members. They are some of the brightest business minds in Lubbock. They manage a $200 million budget at LP&L and don't get paid a penny for doing it. The nine-member board operates LP&L and determines rebates. The City Council sets your electric rates. Several on the LP&L board are big customers of the utility they manage. Why would they want to take away their own rebates?

Consider this…

Who do you trust to run LP&L? Nine members of this community with proven business experience or City Hall bureaucrats and politicians? I'm going with the LP&L board.

Again, thank to Dan Jackson and NewsChannel 11 for allowing me to speak.

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