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Tech Students Express Concern About Dorm Safety

After a Tech student living on campus is charged with murder, students have expressed concerns about doing background checks on students living in dorms.

Tech Student Charged with Murder Reinstated at TTU
A Texas Tech student charged with murder is back on campus Wednesday.

Nearly 6,000 students are living on campus this semester, and we found a variety of responses from the students we spoke with today. Many of the students expressed concerns about living in the dorms, but there were a few who were not worried. The reason why some students say they're not concerned is they often see Tech police officers patrolling the dorm parking lots. Texas Tech Police told NewsChannel 11 they have 57 officers who do everything from patrolling the lots to inspecting rooms for illegal weapons.

We also wanted to know if the university does background checks on students who sign up to live in the dorms. We called university officials who said they could not comment on this issue, so we asked students.

"I think background checks would be a good idea because people might have done stuff that nobody knows about and they come to a university and there's lots of people that might be in danger," says Tech student, Meredith Hendricks.

"I think it would help if they did more extensive background checks. I don't know how far they go. They didn't ask me any kind of personal questions or criminal history, but I think it would be a good idea if they started it," says Tech student, Ashley Glover.

"What happened in the past can stay in the past as far as I'm concerned," says Tech student, John O'Dowd.

We also made calls to Texas A&M and the University of Texas and asked if those schools do background checks. They told us they do not conduct any background checks on incoming students. However, if a problem with a student arises, their status on campus will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

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