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The Hairmade: Does It Work?

Ladies, wouldn't it be nice if we had someone styling our hair everyday? As you know, once you walk out of that salon you can almost never do your hair the same way. It's just too hard to work with both hands.

Let's see what the Hairmade can do. It's supposed to hold your blow dryer with a velcro strap to free up your hands. It costs $20, but Does It Work?

Kimber Ashby is a hair stylist at Designer Groups. "I thought it sounded pretty useful. Especially for a lot of my clients I round brush for. They say they can't go home and do that because it's really hard," she told us.

Kimber started her test by turning on the blow dryer and adjusting the direction of the hot air. You can do that because the neck of the stand is flexible. Kimber was able to round brush the back with both of her hands. "I think it does make it a lot easier," she noticed.

The stand also adjusts in height so you can hit from up top. "I really like that I have two hand to put my hair up and round brush," Kimber said. "So you think this would be an ideal product for someone who's not that coordinated?" "Yes, like my mother. Any of the people I do would love it," she said.

I'm not blowing any hot air when I say this about the Hairmade. It works.

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