Staff Sergeant Jeremy Meadows, a Hometown Hero

Staff Sgt. Jeremy Meadows
Staff Sgt. Jeremy Meadows

This week KCBD would like to honor Marine Staff Sergeant Jeremy Meadows as our "Hometown Hero". Just two days after graduating from Coronado High School in 2002, Jeremy began his lifelong dream of becoming a Marine.

"Ever since he was really little he'd come into the room, throw his hands in the air and say 'Kid Destructo!' We would ask what do you want to be when you grow up, and he always said Marine; it never varied," said Tanya Meadows, Jeremy's mother.

Tanya had always expected her son to grow up and enlist, but it was much sooner than she had expected. "He was a senior in high school when 9/11 hit. He came home from school that day and had big tears in his eyes. He said mom that's it, I've already talked to a recruiter and you might as well get ready. I'm going," she said.

While it's been ten years since that tragic day, Jeremy still remembers it like it was yesterday. "I remember vividly I was sitting in my father's chair. About that time the second plane hit the second tower. It then sank in it was an attack on American soil," he said. "It infuriated me. I had always wanted to be a Marine, but that was one of the major determining factors."

Next month is Jeremy's ten year anniversary of being a Marine. During his decade of service he's been to Iraq three times, Afghanistan once, and deployed to other areas like Africa for various missions. While there he did numerous jobs like convoy missions, chief of operations for squadrons, aerial gunner and martial arts trainer.

"My body is either going to break or they will have to kick me out in order for me to leave the Marines," said Jeremy. "I fell in love with the establishment, the organization and the brotherhood. I care about my Marines when they leave work. I help them on their finances, with their family situations."

Jeremy's goal is to climb the ranks to Sergeant Major – a 30 year military career.

"He has just always had a love for people and a want to sacrifice himself for other people; he is such a giving soul," said his mother.

While Jeremy is a hero in his mother's eyes, he is undoubtedly a hero to more people than he could ever know.

"It's something I've always wanted to do, and by no means do I see myself as a hero. I feel like I'm doing something I was destined to do," said Jeremy.

Jeremy is currently stationed in San Diego, California as he continues to serve our country.

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