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Speed Dating Makes Debut in Lubbock

Single guys. Single girls, all looking for something different. "I'm just really interested in seeing a new venue here in Lubbock, having a good time and meeting some new people. It's a fun thing. This is my second time," says speed dater, Janine McCord.

"I hope to meet a nice girl. It's been ten years since I've been out on a date," says dater, Craig Childre.

"Hopefully to find someone I can get along with and have a few dates with and see where it goes," says dater, Julie Coates.

Long gone are the days of traditional dating. With speed dating, you get seven minutes to decide if you'd like to see that person again and then you rotate to the next person. "I'm used to asking a girl out, say hi, how are you doing? Buying her a drink maybe and here I am about to have seven dates in seven minutes. It's actually like a guy's dream," says dater Larry Fulton.

Speed dating is gaining popularity in large cities like Houston, Los Angeles and New York City. So, why bring it to Lubbock?

Lubbock is 46% single, not including the Tech kids. I was like that's a huge market and we need to tap into that and the other thing we wanted to do was to expand everyone's circle," says owner, Lisa Fittz.

Fittz and her partner Kai Hill are the owners of Rapid Romance, a speed dating service quickly catching popularity in Lubbock. "You might not meet someone the first time you want to date but you might gain a friend and that's so important. Just keep coming back and gaining friends and you might find that special one, you never know," says Fittz.

52 people registered for this week's event at the new Lubbock bar and restaurant, Fire and Ice. Lisa says speed dating offers the security other dating services may not. "It is a safe environment. That's what I can tell you. It's a very controlled environment and atmosphere. They're always someone circling around," says Fittz.

While speed dating is available for anyone, the speed daters we spoke with have some advice for newcomers. "I think it's a lot of fun but the same time you've got to be willing to meet new people and to talk to everyone you meet and not have too many expectations," says Julie.

For $15, you get seven dates and dinner. More speed dating events are planned for this month. ( Click here) for more information.

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