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Torture Victim Speaks Out About Sentencing

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On Wednesday Phillip Clark was sentenced to 50 years in prison and a $10,000 fine for his role in a torture, now his victim speaks out. NewsChannel 11 listened to Frank Beck as he shared his thoughts about the jury's decision and his feelings about his former boss.

"I think the jury seen the case that the District Attorneys was able to put on and read the facts. I do believe that was the reason for the quick verdict," said Frank Beck.

Frank Beck was brutally tortured in this shop one year ago, by his boss Phillip Clark whom he considered a friend, and two other men. "I think 50 years is 50 years, he's had enough time now to sit and think and hopefully recap what is happened and if the good lord willing ask for forgiveness and be saved."

Do you forgive him? "Not at this time." Do you think 50 years is long enough for what happened to you? "No," Beck said.

Beck says anyone that is capable of that type of abuse deserves life in prison. As for how he felt testifying about that traumatic experience. "It was an horrific event. It brought back a lot of emotional feelings and thoughts, it was definitely traumatic."

Beck says it's thanks to his friends and family that he's able to go on with his life, and while he says he's not living in fear, he's forever changed and more cautious.

Clements "Moe" McLaughlin and Shane Wilkins also face an aggravated kidnapping charge in this case. Their trial dates have yet to be set. McLaughlin remains in the Lubbock County Jail, Wilkins is out on bond.

Beck says, he hopes they'll make a plea, but he's prepared to go through two more trials until justice is served.

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