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What the CDC Says About Potato Chips and Cancer

More on the potato chip cancer link. You remember, last year, that headline opened our eyes and closed a lot of chip bags.

Acrylamide is the toxin that caused a stir last spring when Swedish scientists found that fried and starchy foods like potato chips contain that compound. It was classified as a probable cancer causing agent after animal studies linked large quantities of Acrylamide to the disease.

Now, researchers are trying to figure out what all this means for people. So far, studies by the Centers For Disease Control show you'd have to eat 21 ounces, which is about two big bags of chips a week for Acrylamide to even show up as an increased risk in the blood. But the CDC scientists say this potato chip study is small and more study is needed to better understand what, if any role Acrylamide may play in the development of cancer.

The FDA says based on the current understanding of the science, consumers should eat a balanced diet, choosing a variety of foods that are low in trans and saturated fat and rich in high fiber grains, fruits, and vegetables. The research was presented by the Centers for Disease Control at the American Chemical Society Meeting. The Acrylamide colon-bladder cancer study was conducted by Harvard.

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