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Teacher You Can Count On: Holly Womack

She's a very unique Teacher You Can Count On. Nominated after only her second year of teaching, first grade teacher Ms. Holly Womack of Honey Elementary School has fallen quickly into place.

Holly Womack remembers her first day teaching, less than two years ago.

"It wasn't bad. It was just scary, you know, trying to keep 19 kids, 20 kids that you don't know their names yet and trying to keep them under control," says Holly, a first grade teacher at Honey Elementary School.

But this year has been a little easier.

"You have your feet on the ground, and you know more what to do and what to expect," she says.

Zachary Baker thinks she's picked it up pretty quick.

"She's the greatest teacher in the world and she has confidence and she makes us do work," says Zachary, one of Holly's students. But she also, "lets us do a lot of fun activities," he says.

"As a teacher, you come in, you know that there's lots of different ways kids learn," says Holly. "And you have to provide all of those ways in order to reach all the kids in your class."

Just one of the challenges she's found.

"You have to create everything that you're going to teach, you have to sit down and you know, learn how to create curriculum and plan out your whole year and that can be overwhelming at first."

But it's what she's always wanted to do.

"Since I was a little kid," she says. "If you know you want to teach, there's a lot that just comes naturally."

As do the rewards.

"My favorite thing I think is coming to school every day and seeing the kids that come in and they smile when they see you," says Holly. "They give you a hug because you've made such a difference in their life, and you've touched them in a way that will always be special to them."

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