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Moths plague the South Plains

Source: Amanda Kohtz Source: Amanda Kohtz

Just take a walk outside at night and you'll get pelted with annoying moths. The insects have been infesting the South Plains for weeks now.

Tim Gafford is the owner of Gafford Pest Control. He says their phones have been ringing off the hook with questions about the moths.

"We can help where we can, but keeping the light off and the door shut is probably the most prudent thing to do," Gafford said.

He attributes the infestation to the mild winter the area has seen. The cold typically kills of a large amount of moth eggs, but without that extreme cold, they are coming out in droves.

Gafford says moths usually appear more in the spring and the fall. He says infestations typically only last a couple of weeks.

"They should last two to three weeks, but I can't guarantee that. This is a years where a lot of different things are happening, not just moths, but there is a big upswings in other insects too," Gafford said.

Pest control companies can spray for moths; however, Gafford says they will just come back. His best advice is to keep your doors closed, lights off and wait it out.

Being a nuisance is one thing, but the moth madness can also affect your health. Dr. Goutam Shome is an allergist in Lubbock, he says moths have scales on their wings. When the scales fall off, they get into the air.

"They are winged insects and the wings are covered with scales. That's where most of the allergies are," Shome said.

He says breathing them in can cause allergic reactions like asthmatic symptoms and itchy, runny and stuffy noses. The best thing to do is try to avoid them; however that's easier said than done. Allergy medications can also help.

Whether you are sneezing up a storm, or just extremely annoyed, everyone agrees the moths have overstayed their welcome.

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