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Frenship High School Students Mourn the Loss of their Own

It's a sight of unimaginable devastation. Thursday's crash killed 16-year-old Landon Velasquez when his truck hit head-on with another.

His life was beginning before it ended. He was a Junior at Frenship High School. "It's really depressing (inside the school.) Lots of people crying. It's not fun." Blake Williamson is a junior at Frenship. He says he did not know Landon that well, but this tragedy has hit home for him and his friends.

Friends Remember Landon Velasquez
Friends of Landon Velasquez are struggling to cope tonight after the Frenship High School teenager died in a tragic accident on Thursday. Through those friends, NewsChannel 11 brings you the story of young man who touched many lives with his spirit and love of life.

"It makes us think about how it could have been one of us," said another junior, Zach Morman. "Brings you together and makes you think about stuff. More important stuff than everyday stuff," said Casey Petree, junior.

Inside FHS is the Student Center. It's a place where they have a memorial set up for Landon. His picture is displayed. They have a book where students are signing their names and writing down memories and messages to Landon. We weren't able to go inside, for the fact we wanted to respect those who were mourning. But we did learn one thing about Landon Velasquez. We were told he was a terrific kid.

"I don't think there were too many people who didn't like him. He was the class clown," said Blake. He was ways making people laugh. Landon used to park his truck right here on block 131. Now flowers are parked by his friends on block 131.

Velasquez girlfriend, 15-year-old Sarah Elkins was riding in the truck. At this moment, she's still in critical condition at UMC.

The family has set up the Landon Velasquez Memorial Fund at Peoples Bank. The address is 5820 82nd street. Call (806) 794-0044 for more information.

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