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Are Lubbock Inner City Neighborhoods At Risk of Slum-Hood?

Lubbock's inner city neighborhoods are at risk of losing it's value. City Councilman Gary Boren says it needs to stop before those family oriented neighborhoods become slummy. "We all hold responsibility for letting this take place. Lack of enforcement, lack of protecting schools, lack of listening to neighborhoods," said Boren.

There are nine neighborhoods at risk, some already seeing houses falling apart. For instance, in the Heart of Lubbock neighborhood. "I'd say quite a few. We have issues all the way from Central to Southeast Lubbock. You have areas around Texas Tech, because of rental overuse on infrastructure," said Boren.

So how does this problem get solved? Easy. Hire a consulting firm and that's what the city plans to do. It's a firm aimed at revitalizing urban neighborhoods.

Tech Terrace resident David Driskill is excited about the neighborhood stabilization project. "What they will do is facilitate a process and that process will engage citizens of that neighborhood to envision and dream for themselves. Because if the neighborhoods don't get involved, the city can't do it," said Driskill.

Some of the issues Boren wants addressed are better code enforcement, property value protection, and protection of families. He believes that's the answer to revitalizing those nine deteriorating neighborhoods.

The nine neighborhoods that residents are concerned about are:

  • Bayless-Atkins
  • Caprock
  • Maedgen
  • Stubbs-Stewart
  • Tech Terrace
  • Maxey Park
  • South Lubbock
  • Wheelock
  • Monterey
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