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The Steam Magic Pro: Does It Work?

Watch wrinkles and unwanted creases disappear like magic right before your eyes. The Steam Magic Pro is only $20 and says it can make this household chore easy. And you don't have to touch your fabric using the Magic Pro, but Does It Work?

"I think it looks wonderful and it's nice and portable," said Lois Rendleman, owner of Lucy's Resale shop. Lucy will be doing the test on linen, silk, and a cotton blend shirt.

The Magic Pro instructions says to fill it with a little bit of salt, water and vinegar So we did. We put the cap on the reservoir and plugged it in. "OK, we'll see what this does," said Lois. She tried using the Magic Pro while this pink shirt is on the hanger.

It wasn't working as well as she hoped. So she put the silk shirt on the ironing board and pressed the shirt. "That's not very good," she noticed. Her industrial steamer did a better job.

The white cotton spandex shirt had lots of wrinkles. Lois pressed those out and again she noticed it was taking too much time to iron.

Now for linen, which is a difficult material to smooth out. No luck again. Which led Lois to say this, "Any good steam iron will do what this is doing. It's not doing anything special."

Remember the claim, 'You can take out wrinkles without touching the material?' Well, we had to resort to that all right. And even then, it still wasn't working very well.

Stick to old reliable, as heavy as it may be. Because there's nothing magic about the Steam Magic Pro. It Doesn't Work.

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