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Fay Ralston - Hard Times on the Streets

It began as a homicide investigation outside of University Self-Storage. The body of 45-year-old Lino Torres, apparently killed in what could be described as a stretch of the term "home invasion."

"The police called me around five this morning," said Jackie Mize, owner of the storage units. He had previously told Fay Ralston that she could not live there. "So she tried to live there before?," asked NewsChannel 11. "About a year and a half ago," he said.

"She's just gone through some bad luck in her time," said Richard Garza. Two years ago, Garza was driving by a different storage unit, at Clovis and Avenue U, when he noticed a woman hunched over a fire in a barrel trying to warm herself. His family offered to take Ralston in and she accepted. "And she lived with us for about two years," he said.

Then, about six months ago, she decided to move out. Her odyssey on the streets culminating with the tragedy outside her unit. Despite the violence, friends had only kind words for Fay. "She's a real good hearted woman, kind, sweet lady," said Garza. "She's always been very, very nice," said Mize.

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