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Surrounding Counties are Thirsty For Lake Alan Henry

Just 40 miles South of Lubbock, you can find the city's most precious asset. Lake Alan Henry. A recreational place, a place of new development, but better yet an 'insurance policy.' Mayor Marc McDougal calls it this because Lake Alan Henry is Lubbock's future water supply. "We don't have a pipeline built yet but that certainly will be in the plans in the future years. We're thinking 20 to 35 years out, possibly, but what a great asset we do have," said the Mayor.

Until then, McDougal says current state legislation passed would allow Lubbock to sell the water until the city needs it. Parched areas, like Kent and Garza counties, are interested. "The whole thing with West Texas right now, the main thing in the future, is going to be water," said Archie Gill, City of Post Mayor.

But there's good news for those 200 people who attended Lake Alan Henry day on Thursday. After touring the lake, it was pointed out that Lake Alan Henry is six feet from being completely full. According to Lubbock City Councilman Gary Boren, that's a first.

We believe if the rains continue like they have the last month, we've already had over eight to ten inches of rain this year, the lake will fill up and certainly at that point, it's going to run over the spill way," said Mayor McDougal.

Until there's a guarantee from Mother Nature, the City of Lubbock and other counties South of us will continue to work on long term water plans NewsChannel 11 has learned the City of Lubbock is negotiating a contract to sell water to Kent and Garza counties. We don't know the exact amount the city will make, but we do know they hope to close the deal by this summer.

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