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NewsChannel 11 Reporter Wins MTV Contest

NewsChannel 11's Suleika Acosta thought she was on her way to conduct an interview Wednesday, but what she didn't know, was she was being set-up. While reporting on MTV's Lubbock auditions for a new Choose or Lose correspondent back on March 13th, Suleika auditioned herself. Photojournalist, Albert Belez, asks while they are waiting for their "interview", "Didn't you try out for that political thing?". Suleika's reply: "Yes but they haven't picked a winner yet. We're still waiting. We should have already heard something, so there goes that dream."

Just minutes later a team from Cox Communication walked in with balloons.Suleika couldn't believe what was happening. She says, "I saw the Choose or Lose logo on one of the balloons and I thought 'Oh my gosh, this is it.' and someone asked was I ready to go to New York, and pure shock is what I felt and I'm honored."

From there, it was a series of congratulations, a hug from Karin McCay, even an interview about why being a correspondent for MTV's Choose or Lose is so important. Suleika says, "I think it's really important to get the youth involved in not only voting but politics as well because things that our politicians are doing and are going to do in the future are going to effect us."

But wait a minute, everyone at NewsChannel 11 loves Suleika. She's cute and sweet, not to mention the work she does. So everyone's wondering does this means she's leaving us? Much to our relief, Suleika says, "Of course not. I'm just getting started. I will not leave as long as you'll have me here."

On April 19th, Suleika's dream job will begin. She'll fly to New York City for four days of training with MTV. She will represent the West Texas region.

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