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Tech's Very Own Publishes Low Carb Book for Dummies

You've seen the yellow and black dummy books, Computers For Dummies, Music For Dummies, the newest is Low Carb Dieting For Dummies. But look closer under that and you'll see the author is Dr. Katherine Chauncey, and then the next line, Texas Tech Medical Center.

On our 5:00 news on Thursday, Dr. Chauncey explained that she was recruited by the Dummy series publishers to simplify the low carb craze. Already in it's second edition, she says this diet book is going back to the basics.

"We need to stop counting grams period and start looking at the foods we eat. I've been getting a lot of interest and attention. I actually have a lot of patients that area bringing in their books for me to sign," says Kathy Chauncey, author or the book.

Dr. Chauncey says "Low Carb Dieting For Dummies" does not explain the Atkins or South Beach diets. Instead, it offers an easier weight loss plan which cuts down on carbs without eliminating good foods you need or fun foods you want and it is available at local book stores.

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