Record high temps a sign of things to come?

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Lubbock saw record-breaking temperatures on Wednesday as thermometers soared to a whopping 104 degrees in parts of Lubbock. Is this a sign of a sweltering summer to come?

Jody James is the Warning Coordination Meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Lubbock. He says it's hard to predict how high the temps will soar this summer.

"There's warm air building over the southern United States, some down-sloping winds and the soil is dry. We just have several things working in our favor, so it's not that unusual to be pretty warm in late April and early May," James said.

Although he believes that it will be a warm summer, there is good news. James says he doesn't believe we will reach the continuous record breakers that we did last summer.

"I'd be surprised if we set as many records as we did last year, but as I mentioned, we're already on the doorstop of breaking a big record today," James said.

Temperatures will hinge on the amount of rainfall that the area receives. The National Weather Service is predicting normal rainfall levels for the summer months, which may not be ideal, but it's better than below average. If their predictions aren't correct and we see less rain, the area could be in for higher temperatures.

"We've got about eight to 12 weeks to get the rain in the typical wet season, but if we don't start seeing some by the middle of May, I think we are all going to be worried at the National Weather Service," James said.

Lubbock's average high temperature for April 25, is 78 degrees. The record high is 96 degrees (1959). The average low is 49 and the record low is 35 (1927 and previous). Lubbock's record high for April 26, is 96 (in 1943).

Lubbock temperature records date to 1911, and over the last 101 years, the earliest occurrence of 100 degrees is April 16 (in 1925). There is only one other date in April with a triple-digit high: April 22 (in 1989).

Remember to practice summer heat safety, including staying out of the sun - especially between 10 AM and 4 PM, stay in air-conditioned environments, drink plenty of water, and if you will be outdoors use sunscreen.

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