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Research Shows What Parents Can Do to Prevent Kids from Smoking

Want to help discourage your children from smoking? Picking the right place to sit when you go out to eat can help!

New research suggests smoking parents who practice anti-smoking behaviors like asking to sit in a non-smoking section help reduce the chances their children will pick up their habit. The study of more than 3,000 children of smokers found the youngsters were 13% less likely to become smokers by their senior year if their parents routinely asked to sit in designated smoke-free areas compared to children whose smoking parents sat in smoking sections.

Earlier studies have suggested that if a child reaches age 18 without becoming a smoker, his or her odds of remaining smoke-free are around 90%. Researchers note that not smoking is the best message a parent can send a child, but those who do smoke can help discourage their children from starting by not lighting up in the house and choosing smoke free sections when going out.

Researchers say statistics show that having a parent who smokes increases a child's chances of becoming a smoker by 12th grade by 10% compared to children of non-smoking parents. The research was conducted at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and is published in the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine.

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