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Lubbock Community Needs Blood Donors

Once again, the local demand for blood has exceeded the supply. This raises the question of what can the community do too end the almost constant crisis.

Les Long, of United Blood Services, said "Those who do donate would need to donate more often. On an average, a person who feels that they are a regular donor, only donates 1.4 times a year."

In reality, a whole blood donor could donate six times a year. Last year, only 48 people actually donated six times. This is 48 out of a community of 200 thousand.

However, Long says that the math problem runs even deeper. Only 5% of the public that can donate, actually do. Even though at least a third of us will need blood products at some time in our lives.

Right now, the hospital orders will not be able to be filled. The supply of O+ and O- has been reduced to empty shelves. All blood types are on short supply.

United Blood Services is calling on all available donors. Over the Easter weekend, no mobile units will be available to donors. Combine this with increased travel, and it creates a dangerous situation.

If you can help, stop by United Blood Services at 48th and University or call (806) 741-1752 to make an appointment.

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