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Murder/Suicide Destroys Two Families

"We received a 911 call to respond to shots fired," said Lt. Victor Quintana. Lubbock police, swarming Vernon street, looking for the man responsible for the horror inside 8204.

"Officers found one male deceased," said Quintana. 27-year-old Timothy Smith, found dead on the living room floor, shot once in the head, perhaps more times in the upper body.

Also inside the duplex, 35-year-old Shelly Wilson. Alive, but barely. "Also shot multiple times, once in the face, once in the neck, several times through the legs," said Quintana. Transported to UMC, she's listed in extremely critical condition.

Only Survivor of Double Shooting at UMC
A Lubbock woman is the only survivor from a Thursday night shooting.  

"We heard shots and screams," said neighbor Josh Puckett. He was temporarily detained by police as authorities tried to sort through the melee. "Walked out my door, there was a bunch of cops screaming with a bunch of guns, it was pretty traumatic," he said.

The man police believe responsible for the trauma? "We are looking for the husband. We do have a strong suspicion he may be involved," said Quintana.

Roughly five hours after the initial 911 call, swat teams surrounded the residence of Brian Wilson, Shelly's estranged husband, separated for a month. But Wilson was no where to be found, until a phone call from Plainview, describing a man at the Days Inn.

"Akwardly quiet," said desk clerk Samantha Rodriguez. She checked Wilson in around midnight. "He seemed quiet, akwardly quiet. I said, 'Have a good night,' and he stared at me for a couple of seconds and said, 'Thanks, you have a good night also,'" she said.

At 8:15 in the morning, Wilson's lifeless body was found in his room. Suicide by razor blade. A note was left. The contents undisclosed.

Friday afternoon, co-workers remembered Timothy. "Do you have any memories of him?," asked NewsChannel 11. "Yes," said a choked up Randy Carroll, too upset to talk. Neighbors prayed for Shelly. "It's real sad, I hope she makes it, I really do," said Puckett.

Brian and Shelley had a 9-year-old son together. He did not witness the shooting. In fact, in a bizarre twist, he was being watched by Timothy Smith's wife. Shelly and Timothy were co-workers. Timothy was reportedly helping Shelly prepare to move.

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