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Keeping Your Family Safe from the Poisonous Brown Recluse

Brown Recluse spiders are one of the most common spiders found in West Texas. Their bite can be very dangerous.  The poison can eat through your skin in some cases causing a serious wound. Experts say now is the time to protect you and your family.

Their small, brown and very dangerous. "We certainly have got them and there's lots of them," says Tim Gafford with Gafford Pest Control.

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As spring rolls on pest control experts are finding more Brown Recluse spiders in the Lubbock area. "This time of year you're gonna see the reappearance of spiders coming out as you start getting more insect activity especially a predacious spider like the Brown Recluse," says Gafford.

He says the Brown Recluse gets its name because it often hides in dark places, but it can be found just about anywhere. "We find them in clean homes in cluttered homes. We find them in homes they shouldn't be in but just are," says Gafford.

 Known for it's unmistakeable violin shape, most bites from these spiders result from accidental encounters.  "The brown recluse spider can inflict pain and damage to the body depending on the person how much venom they got and how they react to the brown recluse spider," says Gafford.

"After 18 years I've still got a scar," says Jack Davis who fell victim to a venomous bite while driving.

"It was right above my ankle and got down inside my boot and it feels like acid," says Davis. He was lucky, only a small scar remains.

The best way to take care of these spiders before its too late, is to call in an expert.

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Pest control experts say the best way to keep your home free of pests like the brown recluse is to keep an on going pest control management program in your home. Having your home sprayed can range in price depending on the size of your home and amount of insect infestation.

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