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100 MPH Chase Ends in Lubbock

"They were in excess of over 100 mph," said DPS Trooper John Gonzalez.

Down on the ground, faces in the dirt. Kyle Mackey, Laura Burks, and Michael Nichols; three people that led six different law enforcement agencies on a 30 mile chase. "There were two males and one female in the vehicle that have all been arrested at this point in time," said Gonzalez.

It began in Brownfield with a call to authorities about three suspicious characters possibly dealing meth. When police ran the plates, they came back stolen, the chase was on.

"They started from Brownfield, headed east on 62/82 coming into Lubbock. Half-way to the Hub City, police tried to blow out the tires. "Spikes were deployed, the violator went around the spikes," said Gonzalez.

Sensing the danger to the public growing as the Grand AM sped towards major traffic, Ropesville police sideswiped the V6, tires torn off axles, the chase ended. "The officer did a great job of ending the chase in a manner that was safe not only to himself, but the suspects as well and to the general public," said Gonzalez.

Amazingly, no one was injured, and to keep it that way, Corporal Gonzalez buckled up his suspect before taking him to jail.

Mackey was charged with attempted aggravated assault on a public servant and with evading arrest. Burks was charged with tampering with evidence. Nichols was not charged with a crime and was released to family.

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