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Voters Hit the Polls for Run-Off Election

Candidate for County Commissioner Precinct 3, Ysidro Gutierrez says, "New ideas are the key because Lubbock needs a new direction. I'm that visionary leader that's going to be able to do that."

His opponent, Gilbert Flores says, "We need someone in there who has experience. I feel very comfortable serving as commissioner for past 12 years and I feel I've been a very good steward of taxpayer's money and we need to keep that experience for four more years."

April 13th Run-Off Election Results
Check out the election results for the April 13th Run-Off elections.

When you compare these two candidates, it can be boiled down to experience versus vision. Regardless of their stance, Gutierrez and Flores agree on one thing without doubt, that voters should care about this race because it's a county commissioner's job to spend millions of your taxpayer dollars.

Flores explains, "You picture yourself.. us having to budget all departments of the county... from district attorney to Children's Protective Services.

Gutierrez adds, "It would fund the sheriff's department, the jail, it would be responsible for all contrast that have to do with services for the county.. University Medical Center, which is a multi-million dollar budget."

When it comes to allocating funds, both Flores and Gutierrez think they'd serve taxpayers' interests best.

Gutierrez says, "Precinct 3 needs to be upgraded and improved. I propose a plan to pave some roads and the reason is if you have paved roads, that means you'll attract homes. Homes attract businesses and business means commerce and economic development."

Gilbert says, "We're still concerned about the new jail that's coming, a1500 bed facility that's being built. We have other serious problems in the county. I want to be there to make a difference."

Regardless of which candidate you're favoring, both want you to get out there and exercise your right to vote. All the races do affect you day in and day out. The winner of the run-off will go on to represent the democratic party in November's elections. He'll face Republican Frank Gutierrez.

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