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The Maker's Diet

"I read the bible almost everyday. I read health books all the time, but I never put the two together."

Hence "The Maker's Diet", a so-called 40 day health experience. It's not just another diet book says author Jordan Rubin, who calls himself a doctor of naturopathic medicine.

"The reason I think most health plans and most diets fail is because they fail to capture the totality of health," said Rubin. The Maker's Diet does include a list of quote "foods that are approved by God".

This is a typical dinner in phase one: "some kind of animal food whether, it's steak, salmon, vegetables, of course salad, and then we recommend some dessert like berries," said Rubin.

But it's about much more than food. In the book there's a long list of things that Rubin claims make us sick: including, wearing contact lenses, antiperspirants, flouride toothpaste, daily showers.

"We introduce a concept called advanced hygiene that allows the body to prevent the infection scenario that allows the body to prevent toxins from coming into our body," said Rubin.

Daily prayer is a must. Rubin also believes in exercise, but not the high intensity aerobic kind which he says is unnatural. He endorses long distance walking and says exposure to the sun is healthy if you follow the maker's diet, which also calls for frequent fasting.

"We're focusing on helping people in their health, helping them prevent disease, and live a long life," said Rubin. "And the pounds coming off just seem like an added value."

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